Friday, April 20, 2007

Went nuts

Logic system went nuts on monday.

At least, normal logic system went nuts on monday.

I think that I got back to normal right now. At least, I have invited an ex-lover of mine to step back into my life to verify that I was nuts on Monday. I called my ex-lover today to negate a theory I had on Monday. The test goes like this: if he agrees with my sister, which negates my theory, and that based on evidence that supports my believes on Monday, he should not negate my theory, then it implies that since he and my sister both negate my theory, my theory must not be true. Hence, I must be crazy to think that my theory holds. Thus, my theory does not hold.

For now, only my ex-lover knows 10% of what my theory is about. But since everyone I know who has encountered my theory thought that I went nuts, I am so far certain that I must be nuts. As such, I guess, I am dissing my theory for now.

I would like to thank Derek for this. He is nut enough to come over and help me with this. I need to remind myself to write a song called "Perfect" for him. To be clear here, it's the word that he would never use. He taught me about the idea of being non-absolute. Perhaps, the song ought to be called "absolute," but that sounds like some kind of vodka campaign, and i know that he'd prefer Stolichnaya.

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