Sunday, April 08, 2007


Three weeks ago, I committed suicide. OK, that's not exactly true. I seriously considered suicide. No, that's not exactly true either. I seriously looked at different methodologies to make a suicide attempt painless with guaranteed success.

I have considered options before, but I never researched and Googled possible avenues. I didn't do it for two reasons. One, I still haven't manage a perfect way to die that is painless and with higher than 99% of success rate. But to get out of research mode, was because at the time I was working on my Bloomingdales project and I don't want to be known at my funeral as the person who did not finish my project. Or worse, that no one attended my funeral because I didn't finish that project. That'd be bad.

So it looks like that I have just found a way to avoid committing suicide. As long as I stay busy with work, I won't do it. Ah, but I only work on projects that's award worthy. Well, if not award worthy, at least press worthy. Projects like the Bloomingdales installation does not get awards. Innovation is about setting categories that won't reside in award categories, right? This reminds me that there were so many times that when the award submission time comes, I cannot find a suitable category for my projects. Maybe that's a good sign.

Just remembered, Bloomies project also got a mention on a Red Herring article today. That's awesome. Please keep on feeding my mental happiness. I'll need it.

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