Friday, April 22, 2005

Better Windows OS

It looks like that I have now found my OS replacement: the Directory Opus 8, developed by an Australian company GPSoftware. Their Web site can use some help considering that their shell product is so usable (though it can use some interface tweaks so as not to overwhelm the users with features - but in the same time not hide features for users)

Brian Loube's abstract expressionistic 3d photography + digital art opening

It was a joy to see the work. Very inspiring and wish I had the time to contribute. I'm immediately seeing letterforms through a sequence, tiled to form the alphabets. Given 72frames, a lot of possibilities are possible. Can even previsualize a derivitaor from parents, a la my GaraFurura. Or perhaps airport messages. Gotta go back and look at the 'Dots' again. Very high potential in those.