Sunday, June 29, 2008


Dreams are eerie.

Last night I dreamt of reliving my life since my admission of college. It's a strange experience. I met people whom I already know, in the context where they don't know me. Since I know how they behave and what they like / dislike, I am able to modify my interaction with them accordingly.

This made me thought of the internet sign-in model. Once you're logged into any service: Flickr, Gmail, you name it--the benefits to the user is not just a single sign-in, it's that the business get to personalize the way you interact and the content that you see--thus improving your overall experience with the service.

My friend has once told me that when he was logged in, his Flickr search results would render some fairly bizarre relevant results, much like finding surprises on a Getty Image Search with uninspired keywords.

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